Q. What's medical negligence ?

Medical Negligence happens when a doctor undertakes to treat a patient  and  harm comes to a patient due to omission to do something by the doctor  or having done any act which the doctor should not have done.
The essential component is that the doctor owes a duty of care to the patient, there was breach of the duty  as a result harm came to the patient. Read More.

Q. Is medical negligence a criminal offence ?

Mostly Medical Negligence is not criminal negligence. Criminal liability can be imposed upon a medical practitioner under particular situations wherein no doctor in his ordinary senses would have done such an act which leads to harm to a patient. Read more.

Q. Can you state some medical negligence examples?

Medical negligence can occur with anyone in any circumstances. Some of the examples are operating on wrong eye, death during Cholecystectomy surgery, hysterectomy surgery etc. You can visit our Blog section to stay updated on more insights.  

Q. Medical negligence vs Medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice is the breach of duty of care by a medical service provider. Medical negligence does not involve intent. Medical negligence applies when a medical service provider makes a mistake in treating a patient and that mistake results in harm to the patient.

Q. Where are you located? What are your service areas?

We are located in Delhi, but we provide seamless legal services across India. Contact us now to get more insights regarding your legal query.

FAQ's for patients

Q. Can I claim medical negligence compensation?

Compensation can be claimed in case a patient suffers disability or dies due to medical negligence.

Q. How to report medical negligence?

It’s best to appoint a Medical negligence lawyer to file a medical negligence case. Dr. Sunil Khattri has an experience of nearly forty years in the field of medicine and law. Contact us here to file/defend a medical negligence case.

Q. When to sue for medical negligence?

In case harm comes to patient or the patient dies due to action or omission.

FAQ's for doctors

Q. What should a doctor do in case a case is filed against him in Consumer Court?

The doctor should ensure safe custody of all the original case papers. In case the patient party demands a copy of documents.
The same should be provided to the authorised person from the patient's side within 72 hours duly certified by the hospital affixing rubber stamp, page no and signatures on each page.

Q. What should a doctor do in case he receives legal notice from his patient claiming compensation?

The doctor should prepare a reply to the legal notice through his Advocate and reply to the legal notice.

Q. Do you fight Medical Negligence cases only from patient's side?    

No, we are open to take Medical Negligence cases from both patient's and doctor's side.