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At Sunil Khattri & Associates, we incorporate sound knowledge and integrated expertise in the fields of medicine, law and the armed forces to provide you with the best and most assured solutions. With our team of experts having specialised knowledge curated from over 30 years of hands-on experience, we are confident in our ability to generate assistance that helps our clients achieve their objectives at ease.

Practical Experience in Healthcare

Sunil Khattri & Associates are an established team that function along the parameters of on-field skills, hands-on experience combined with strategic legal solutions. While dealing with specifically challenging cases such as those related to Medical Negligence, we are conscious of the extraneous variables that influence and impact the vast range of stakeholders involved in each case. We espouse practicality and operational proficiency that enables us to provide diligent consultation assured with applied accuracy at every step of the way. 

Applied Knowledge of the Armed Forces

We also provide an unmatched level of command over a wide range of affairs related to the Armed Forces of India. With the unique problems that have been known to arise in the case of Armed Forces Medical Cadets and the like, we promise unparalleled assistance in the resolution of the same drawn from the extensive administrative experience possessed by our team of experts. 

Sound Legal Knowledge

Complementing the exceptional experience of our team of experts in the medical field is a highly accomplished track record of legal expertise that promises best-in-class service delivery to all our clients. We promise to identify and situate the clients’ state of affairs within the tenets of the legal framework of this country and implement reliable arrangements for case-specific requirements. The standards that we abide by in our practice resonate with the global exposure inhabited in the experience of Sunil Khattri & Associates. 

Our Team of Experts 

We are a highly experienced team functional in the fields of law, medicine and the armed forces. Every client consultation is led by extensive research and a focused review of all concerned procedures and guidelines. With the conjunctional cooperation of our team of experts in helping each of our clients achieve realistic and optimized solutions to all their queries, we can assure you of a seamless line of service that is uncompromised against all odds. Our collaborative approach in service also reflects our immaculate coordination with the clients who place their trust in us. 


Do you want to know more about our team of experts? Click here to review a detailed summary of the members that comprise Sunil Khattri & Associates.


Our Values

Sunil Khattri & Associates espouse the highest extent of integrity and quality. Besides the input of coordinated effort in our line of service, we also value the essence of upholding the integrity of our clients irrespective of the position they’re in. We believe every client’s problem to be important and provide expeditious assistance for the same. We focus on quality and reliability above all else, which has helped us build a rock-solid foundation amongst a vast pool of clients. Furthermore, bringing accessibility to law across all sections of the society is a continuous initiative of ours that we promote with efficacy and diligence. 


“Professional and personalized… trustworthy team”

"I want to express my sincere gratitude to Dr Sunil Khattri and Associates for the work you are doing for my wife who died due to a Hospital Acquired infection in a Hospital in New Delhi. I want to thankyou for your professional and personalized approach in dealing with me and my inquiries.. " READ MORE

Sanjeev Kumar Rastogi

New Delhi

“Honest, trustworthy”

“Amazing. If you are looking for a lawyer who is honest, trustworthy and has your best interests at heart, then Dr Sunil Khattri is your man. There is a difficult time in anyone’s life when you feel you have no options left, after an adverse order from National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, New Delhi..." READ MORE

Dr Sandeep Agarwal


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