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Patient with Healthcare Nurse


Medical negligence is fast becoming a common term that you may have come across on multiple pages of your daily newspaper. But what is medical negligence? And how can we spot cases of malpractice against doctors?

As patients making frequent visits to the hospital, it is important to know your patient rights and understand how to report doctor malpractice for adequate compensation. Hence, raising awareness about medical negligence is of crucial important in today’s day and age.

Patient rights are certain rightful claims that every patient can make to protect his/her interests and wellbeing in this country. Some common patient rights include Right to Information, Right to Consent, Right to Confidentiality and Privacy, Right to Equal Treatment and Right to Acquire Second Opinion.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Patient rights are accompanied by patient responsibilities too. Much like medical professionals who are devoted to saving lives, patients are also entrusted with the responsibility of always maintaining doctor-patient sanctity. For example, the responsibility of following prescribed treatment, responsibility of complying with requested follow-up appointment, responsibility of declaring accurate case history, etc.

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