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Anaemia - A Complete Guide for Indians [Types, Symptoms, Risks, Causes, & Solutions]

What is Anaemia?

Your Red Blood Cells (RBCs) have a protein in them called haemoglobin. It carries oxygen to your organs and tissues and carbon dioxide back to your lungs. Anaemia is simply a condition in which the haemoglobin in your Red Blood Cells drops lower than normal. It can also be a decrease in the number of red blood cells in general.

There are many types and ranges of Anaemia or Anemia as most people call it. Some common scenarios that can cause anaemia include

  • Low haemoglobin in the Red Blood Cells.

  • Sufficient haemoglobin in the body but it doesn't work correctly.

  • Low Red Blood Cells in the body.

  • Body breaking down Red Blood Cells too quickly.

42% of children <5 years of age are anaemic.

Types of Anaemia & Anaemia Causes

There are over 400 types of Anemia. Multiple types can share causes. Some of the major types that you can skim through are:

Which Deficiency Causes Anaemia?

A lot of common reasons cause anaemia. The major causes revolve around nutritional deficiencies. The most common one of them all is the deficiency of iron. Apart from that, deficiency of folate and vitamin A & B12 are some recurring reasons too.

Some not-so-common reasons include infectious diseases. Some of them include TB, HIV, Malaria, and parasitic infection. Haemoglobinopathies are a group of haemoglobin production and molecular structure-related disorders like Thalassemia, HbCC and more.