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Are contact lenses as safe as you believe them to be?

1 out of every 500 contact lens users develops serious eye infections per year*

As a man who has been wearing glasses for decades now, let me tell you that wearing glasses all day is not easy. For some, it might as well be highly uncomfortable and even frustrating. Frankly, who likes them making your vision all foggy while enjoying a cup of tea? Or not letting you wear those cool sunglasses on a vacation? There are many reasons why many people prefer contact lenses over spectacles for vision correction.

Contact lenses have been around for years, and today, markets offer many variants for buyers to pick from. With their ease of use and seamless experience, contacts have made lives a lot easier for people with vision defects. But, are they truly as harmless as they seem?

Irritation, dry eyes, eye allergies, infections, and severe eye disorders are some of the side effects of contact lenses. Is there more to it? Let’s find out!

Are lenses bad for your eyes?

There are many reasons why one would choose contact lenses over glasses. However, despite their popularity, contact lenses can put your eye health at risk for ailments like corneal ulcers. Careful use may be a solution, but it does not guarantee safety.

These conditions usually develop very quickly and can soon become severe. In rare cases, these might even cause blindness.

It is very important to be very vigilant while using contact lenses. You