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The Dangers of Changing Lifestyle & Eating Habits - Vitamin Deficiency

According to a 2020 study, 80% of people with hair loss are found to have Vitamin D deficiency.

It is alarming to see how our generation has begun to develop ailments that previous generations ran into much later in their lifetimes. Health conditions like hair loss, chronic fatigue, low bone density, and other vitamin-deficiency-related diseases have started plaguing the youth. This is primarily the result of an unhealthy lifestyle and concerning levels of stress.

There can be many reasons why your body runs into a vitamin deficiency. The most common of them all is diet. But, the less obvious of the evils is also the lifestyle. Habits like excessive alcohol intake and disturbed sleep patterns can hamper the absorption of nutrients in the body. What other factors can cause vitamin deficiencies? How do they harm our bodies? What are some of the major diseases that are caused by insufficient nutrition and how can you cure them? Let’s find out.

Why does Vitamin Deficiency Occur?

Quite obviously, Vitamin-deficiency is a result of dietary deficiencies. But lifestyle habits can also impact our diet directly or indirectly.